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quiltbluesky-book-cover-lrsmallI’ve been working on my website, updating my resumé, and realizing how much has happened in the last year—and also taking note of how thankful I am. But, something keeps on surfacing as I try to get organized and find my blogging voice. I have my book—QuiltBlueSky by Joyce Robinson—just sitting idle on my computer, and even worse, only a few people have even seen it. Time to change that and spread the word! I designed it as a 7˝ x 7˝ mini coffee table book. It includes a creative look at over 50 of my art quilts—full of pictures, graphics, fun inspirations and memories. From the beginning, I have dreamed of getting it printed, but until then, I want to share a digital version for FREE. I’ve also added a tip jar in the hopes that a small income could be earned—even a dollar, or five dollars would be a wonderful way to say thanks.  —Joyce

Here is the link to the download:

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