After: White + Walnut

AFTER: Almost there…still need to set and grout the tile backspash. I’m doing that myself to save money, thus the hold-up.

So, I’ll give you the tour. I choose high-end maple plywood cabinets with a gloss front. I wanted legs instead of having a toe-kick to expand the space. My condo is very small, and a studio, and I when making choices, I am trying to keep things open. I also choose open floating shelves for uppers. The beautiful walnut is a nice contrast to the maple flooring, and the countertop—walnut, too—has a waterfall effect with matched grain which adds a beautiful elegance to even a condo-sized kitchen. I wasn’t expecting I would want a stainless steel sink, but it just made sense with the other design choices. It is modern and has a nice shape. I love that now I have a beautiful kitchen that brings me joy. Thank you so much to the crew at Urban Timberworks! I’ll post a picture when the tile gets done—promise!