Magnolia Build

I am lucky. I was able to build a second custom dream home. I was building in the Magnolia area again, so naturally I decided to use General Contractor Jim Spotts, from Spotts Construction a second time. I was his first second-time client. I also wanted to have Mike Williams be the Lead Carpenter.

So, we are having our first meeting at the job site, and near the end of our meeting I said hey guys, I want to apologize in advance for anything that goes wrong because I’m an over-involved homeowner. We all laughed. They knew I was great to work for, and, since this was our second build, we had a good communication style going and confidence in each other. They were good builders and I was not a wild-card or crazy homeowner. Then, to my surprise, Jim stepped up, and apologized in advance, and Mike, too. We all laughed again, even harder. All went smoothly, no fighting, no drama, no worries, and it is thanks to Jim and Mike that I am now embarking on my new career…Interior Design. If only I had known this was what the future would hold. I would have taken better photos.

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