Modern Baby

Boy or girl? I gathered up a bunch of modern prints and designed this baby quilt for either. I’m really trying to embrace white—it’s so fresh, clean, and modern. And then another baby of sorts came along—I used the leftovers to make another little quiltlet to use for changing. Modern Baby (also known as Posh Tot) and its baby are easy projects to make to welcome a new little friend into the world.   —Joyce Robinson

• Published in the July/August 2014 issue of McCall’s Quilting

• Quilt photo by Mellisa Karlin Mahoney

• 52˝ x 56˝; 34˝ x 16˝

• Quilts not available

• © Joyce Robinson

modern baby by joyce robinson

posh tot mcq
modern baby baby by joyce robinson

modern baby on rocker by joyce robinson