Mosaic Flood

St Malo flooded


This quilt was made during my stuck-at-home-time in the aftermath of the September 11, 2013 flood in Boulder County, Colorado. The plan was completely different for this group of fabrics I had picked for my next quilt. I had done a bunch of cutting and started assembling a block. Then that loud night the big storm changed everything. The roads were in bad shape, so, staying put was smart. My nerves were on edge. But I just wasn’t up for sewing that first complicated design, and all I could see was jumbled up rock and sand with water and erosion everywhere. And so Mosaic Flood was born. Made of Japanese taupes, it is very heavy because of all the seam allowances, and a little secret is that it has the wise owl taupe on the back (that Stella the labradoodle approves of). There are 6,400 squares in case you are counting, and skinny teal batik piping gives it structure. And notice the quilting design… those are water droplets or waves, depending upon your interpretation.   —Joyce Robinson

• Published in the September/October 2104 issue of McCall’s Quilting

• Flat quilt and detail photo by Mellisa Karlin Mahoney

• 80˝ x 80˝

• Quilt not available

• © Joyce Robinson

mosaic flood quilting by joyce robinsonmosaic stela

mosaic flood by joyce robinsonmosaic flood mcq mosaic flood by joyce robinson detail