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rolling river block by joyce robinsonindiansummer




These quilts got away from me without having full photography done so I’m ganging up the publishing information for you. Or in several cases, just my design is in play and the sewing was done by a home sewer thru the magazine. The patterns may be available in back issues from the magazines.   —Joyce Robinson

Batik Profusion, 37˝ x 39˝, McCall’s Quilting, April 2003

Chic Batik, 86˝ x 105˝, McCall’s Quilting’s Quick Quilts, May 2000

Evening at Home, 93˝ x 93˝, Quiltmaker, May/June 2007

Frosty’s Friends, 61˝ x 34˝, Quilter’s Newsletter, December 1997

Indian Summer, 87˝ x 87˝, McCall’s Quilting, October 2002

Kites, 46˝ x 57˝, Quiltmaker, March/April 1998

Mystery Quilt, 36˝ x 48˝, Quilter’s Newsletter, October 1997

Nighty Night, 28˝ x 36˝, Quilter’s Newsletter, November 1996

Rick Rackosaurus, 26˝ x 26˝, Quiltmaker, May/June 1997

Rickety-Rack Feedsack, 80˝ x 105˝, McCall’s Quilting, February 2009

Rolling River block, 12˝ x 12˝, Quiltmaker, 100 Blocks from Today’s Designers, 2010

rolling river qm
rickety rack feedsack mcq rick rackosaurus nighty night qnm mystery quilt qnm kites qm indian summer mcq frosty qnm evening qm chic batik mcq batik profusion