Sixties Wedding Ring

I bought Sixties Wedding Ring at an antique store in Salida, Colorado. I had a longarm and I wanted quilting practice. This quilt top was in pretty rough shape, but I went ahead and started quilting. It was quite a sight on the machine because there where technical difficulties (I thought) and the quilt was shrinking and stretching. Well, cut to the end, the quilt came off the longarm perfectly flat and wonderful. I’m still not in love with the black zig zag stitch on the applique rings, but I wanted to leave that stitching in tact because of the original quilt artist. Beautiful antique with a modern finish.   —Joyce Robinson

• Quilt photo by Mellisa Karlin Mahoney

• 68˝ x 88˝

• Quilt is available and for sale

• © Joyce Robinson

sixties wedding ring quilting by joyce robinson

sixties wedding ring detail